Njiwa is the world’s first Open Source implementation of the GSMA's Embedded SIM Remote Provisioning Manager for M2M devices.

Because M2M devices are likely installed in remote or unreachable areas, the GSMA came up with specifications to enable remote activation of network profiles (and other settings) on the embedded SIMs in these devices.

Please read through the this site to familiarise yourself with the GSMA Embedded SIM Architecture. Njiwa currently implements the SM-DP and SM-SR components in the GSMA architecture, however we have plans to expand our offering (see project plans below).

Project status and Roadmap

Broadly the SM-DP and SM-SR components are fully implemented as per GSMA specifications. Other bits and pieces are being added over time

  • Secure messaging with eUICC using SMS, HTTP and CAT-TP
  • eUICC registration by equipment manufacturer
  • Full profile management
  • SM-SR change
  • Secure key agreement & management
  • Policy management
  • eUICC audit
  • Profile download and management
  • Policy management
This is a work in progress, with basic eUICC register view and basic reporting implemented.

Work in Progress.
Our medium-term plans:
  • Complete Web user interface

    Between August & Sep 2019

  • eUICC operating system

    Comming in 2020.


Njiwa is a project by Digital Solutions.

We have extensive experience (15+ years) working in the SIM Card Over-the-air (OTA) provisioning space.

We developed the key technologies behind LogosSolvo’s OTA and S@T platforms.

These have been used in many markets across Africa, Asia and the Americas. We also have long experience in Open Source development, including the world’s first Open Source MMS Gateway (Mbuni).

Key Contacts:

  • Development, dev@njiwa.io
  • Licensing, sales@njiwa.io

Get Njiwa

Njiwa is on github. Please download, test and give us your feedback!